Google launches Advanced API Security to protect APIs from growing threats – TechCrunch

Google today announced a preview of Advanced API Security, a new product headed to Google Cloud that’s designed to detect

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Last week I wrote about an AI startup that’s building technology that can alter, in real time, the accent of

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India will give VPN providers and cloud service operators an additional three months to comply with new rules that require

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After repeated delays, the microwaved oven-sized CubeSat known as CAPSTONE may finally start its long journey to the moon. With

Google Cloud’s new sustainability platform aims to bring enterprise climate goals down to earth – TechCrunch

If you ask most executives if they want to do the right thing by the planet, chances are they are



Japan: Tokyo swelters in worst June heatwave since 1875 | Weather News

Hundreds of people hospitalised for heatstroke as authorities warn of a power crunch in Tokyo amid extreme temperatures. Japan is