Kevin Durant lights up Skip Bayless after Twitter praise: ‘I really don’t like u’

When Skip Bayless speaks, people listen. Not because he boasts insight or authority, but because his opinions are often enough to evoke a visceral reaction.

As Kevin Durant demonstrated on Tuesday, that can even be the case when the Fox Sports 1 commentator is heaping praise on players. The “Undisputed” host was effusive in his admiration for Durant on Twitter after the latter led an undermanned Nets team to a 131-129 overtime win over the Nets.

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Brooklyn, down seven players due to COVID-19, relied heavily on Durant’s 34 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists in the victory. But Bayless used his praise for Durant as an opportunity to take a shot at the Lakers’ LeBron James. Los Angeles, amid a two-game win streak, did not play on Tuesday.

It’s uncertain if Bayless’ shot at James is what prompted a response from the Nets superstar, but the latter certainly didn’t take kindly to the tweet:

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Bayless wasn’t dissuaded by Durant’s reaction, doubling down with yet more praise in a tweet an hour later:

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This isn’t the first time Durant and Bayless have had run-ins, with the former reportedly asking a reporter in 2016 to ask him a question about the then-ESPN host just so he could tee off on him in a postgame news conference.

Needless to say: Durant’s reaction to Bayless’ praise on Tuesday didnt come from nowhere.

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