Lauren Conrad Shares Rare Family Pic With Sons During Holiday Break

“He’s all, ‘Get out of the shot, mom! It’s my time.’ I love him so much,” author Leslie Bruce quipped, to which Lauren responded, “I mean, I made him put on pants and brush his hair so I really had it coming haha.”

While former MTV star is known for keeping most of her personal life out of the public eye, she recently opened up to E! News about how she was getting ready for the holidays. More specifically, the mom of two revealed one of the gifts Liam asked to receive this year.

“It’s helpful because they can tell you what they want, right? However, sometimes the things they want are not ideal,” Lauren said about her son being old enough to share his present wish list. “I had my older son write a letter to Santa, which became my shopping list.”

She added, “That couldn’t be any easier, but he included a pet fish, which means I have to get him a pet fish that I will have to take care of.”

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