Parasite Actress Park So Dam Diagnosed With Cancer

Parasite actress Park So Dam is battling cancer. 

The South Korean star—who played sister Ki Jung in the Oscar-winning film—was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, her agency, ArtistCompany, told CNN on Monday, Dec. 13. The company added that Park, 30, received the news during a health checkup and has already gone through surgery.

Park was getting ready to promote her next movie Special Delivery, but her illness changed her plans and left her “very disappointed,” per the statement.

“Park So Dam will focus on her recovery so that she can see you all healthy in the future, and ArtistCompany will also do our best to help the actor recover her health,” the statement said. The message also thanked her co-stars and the crew for “overcoming this difficult time together.”

According to the American Cancer Society, the type of cancer starts in the thyroid gland, which creates hormones that affect a person’s metabolism, body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure.

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