Bella Hadid Opens Up About Her Decision to Rejoin Victoria’s Secret

Onto bigger and better things.

2022 is going to be a huge year for Bella Hadid, and as the model revealed during E! News’ Daily Pop on Tuesday, Jan. 11, she kicked it off in the best way possible: by doing “nothing” at all!

“I cooked dinner at home in my pajamas,” Bella said as part of the exclusive chat. “I had no FOMO. I felt completely fine within that, and that’s how I realized my growth, to be honest, is being able to know that when New Year’s comes around and I don’t need to be out drinking and I don’t need to be doing these things because I finally feel ok on the inside.”

She’s even taking things one step further and participating in her first dry January

“Regardless of anything, it’s showing myself I have that inner willpower, you know what I mean?” Bella explained. “Just to know that I can do it.”

Plus, as the CEO and co-founder of non-alcoholic beverage company Kin Euphorics, she can still enjoy a nice mocktail.

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