CES 2022: Withings Body Scan smart scale gains ECG, more in-depth body composition features


Withings new Body Scan scale will launch later this year. 

Image: Withings

Remember the days when a smart scale simply measured your weight, maybe your body composition and then synced it to an app? The
Withings Body Scan

, a new smart scale announced by the company on Monday, does much more than that.

To be clear, the Body Scan will still take the core smart scale measurements, but it will also take 6-lead ECG readings each time you weigh in. There are 14 electrodes on the base and another four in a retractable handle that pulls out from the scale in order to conduct the ECG. The handle sits above a 3.2-inch LCD screen.

In addition to giving you the number of your body composition, the Body Scan will now break out your torso, arms and legs and display their specific composition in the companion app. 


You’ll need to use the handle if you want to take full advantage of the Body Scan. 

Image: Withings

The same sensors that allow for the ECG and specific body composition breakdown also make it possible for the Body Scan scale to assess your small nerve activity. The test is conducted over 30 seconds of applying a small current through the sensors in the base plate, which is then read, and a score is shown in the Withings app. 

Withings currently sells the Body Cardio smart scale that measures and records heart rate, but it lacks the ECG features of Body Scan.
The Cardio is $149

. Withings hasn’t announced pricing for Body Scan yet. 

A release date isn’t available yet, either. Withings will have to wait for the FDA to approve the Body Scan and all of its new features. Withings currently expects that to happen in the second half of 2022.

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