Kristen Stewart & Dylan Meyer May Get Married Sooner Than You Think

Initially, Stewart said she wanted to wait at least a year to tie the knot because she didn’t “want to have COVID even be, like, a thing.” And although the official wedding date might be up in the air, Stewart was certain about a few details, like that the “food needs to be on point” and that she doesn’t really care about the flowers.  

“I want to stay home. Like, I want to be in L.A. so everyone can come,” she told Howard Stern. “And, you know, I want it to be pretty chill. I don’t want anyone walking anyone down any aisles. We’re just going to, like, stand and do vows and f–king party after. It’s kind of just a great excuse to get together and say, ‘I love you’ in front of all your friends.”  

And yes, she already has a wedding look in mind: “The best pair of Levi’s ever and, like, an old T-shirt that has a tuxedo printed on it, but like cutoff and barefoot.” As Stewart put it, “I want to see her laugh hysterically when she sees me in, like, a faux tuxedo T-shirt.” 

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