This One-Touch Can Opener Has 34,400 Five-Star Reviews on Amazon

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

“I bought this for a special needs friend who only has 1 arm/hand available. He loves it. Can easily open cans because it works all by itself with the touch of a button. Cuts around the side of the can so no troubles trying to get the cut lid out of the can which also takes 2 hands. Had it for 4 weeks thus far. This quality unit has restored his ability to do what he loves and that it cook! I am going to get one for myself!”

“I bought this for my mother, who has some problems with arthritis, and when we gathered around to see if it worked, we were all pretty impressed. It left the edge of the can crimped in a way that avoids those sharp edges, which I personally have been sliced by several times.”

“10 out of 10 from me, works first time every time, really cool how it does it and leaves no sharp edges. I have tried a couple of other makes before and this one is by far the best, highly recommended.”

“During my lifetime I’ve used dozens of different types of can opener but this one is the very best. It is amazingly easy to use and works so quickly. If you’ve never used a battery operated before then try this can opener before then this one and see how effortlessly it opens your cans!”

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