Sam Waterston Promises a Law & Order Fan Favorite Will Return

A fan favorite is returning to Law & Order. This is their story.

It was previously announced that Sam Waterston and Anthony Anderson are reprising their roles as District Attorney Jack McCoy and Detective Kevin Bernard, respectively, when Law & Order returns on Feb. 24. And now, in an interview on Feb. 10, Waterston teased that one of his “favorite people on Earth” will be returning to the crime drama.

“One of the wonderful things about doing a television show in New York like this with really juicy parts for visitors is that there’s this extraordinary pool of talent of New York actors. So, the hope and expectation is that there will be a wonderful surprise every week,” he told Variety

He continued, “There is a person coming back in the first show, one of my favorite people on Earth. I’m not allowed to tell who that is, but you’ll be glad when you see her.”

Who could it be? We’ll just have to ask Detective Bernard to crack the code on Waterston’s cryptic message. 

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