Shaun White Shares What Nina Dobrev’s Support Meant to Him At Olympics

“It was so amazing to see and hear their stories,” he revealed. “One of the competitors was like, ‘I never told you this but when I first started snowboarding, I had your promo on a board and your jacket that you used to ride in.’ And to hear that I’d influenced them and propelled them in this trajectory and showed them the level of career that’s possible within the sport.”

“And people that just like, ‘Man, I wanted to beat you for so long.’ You know? ‘But I respect you and I’m so honored to be here on your last dance,'” he continued. “That was very emotional and incredible and I broke down and let the emotions hang out there. I’m just so happy, I’ll cherish that moment forever.”

Now, as he gets ready to reunite with Nina and his family back home, the icon is looking forward to the future. As he told E!, “I can’t wait to get back and see her, see my family and start this next chapter of my life.”  

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