Travis Barker Is Nearly Unrecognizable Without His Face Tattoos

We are totally “Feeling This” new look on Travis Barker.

The Blink-182 drummer looks almost unrecognizable in Machine Gun Kelly and Willow Smiths latest music video for “Emo Girl.”

The project dropped Feb. 9, and let’s be honest, so did our jaws when we saw Travis in the opening scene. The 46-year-old drummer sported a gray wig, nerdy glasses, a sweater vest and turtleneck while playing a school teacher. One thing noticeably missing? His iconic face tattoos.

Travis started the video off by welcoming a class of school children to what looks like a modern museum. “Alright kids,” he began, “today we’re going on a field trip.” And boy, are we sure in for a wild ride!

Once inside, the class of students is exposed to Machine Gun Kelly and Willow’s incredible talent, emo makeup and grungy style.

Travis took to Instagram to share the iconic moment by posting a clip of the opening scene. He wrote, “Who wants to go on a field trip?”

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