Rose Leslie Details the Perils of Being a Time Traveler’s Wife

We hope this couple has really good home owner’s insurance.

In the preview for HBO’s The Time Traveler’s Wife, Rose Leslie‘s character, Claire, is confronted with the perils of marrying a time traveler, who disappears at the most inopportune moments. “The bed sheets will go slack,” she says, “or the shower will keep running and you realize that he’s gone.”

The scene flickers to a sink overflowing with water. Claire says of her husband, “He’s just a pile of clothes.” 

And her husband Henry, played by Theo James, recognizes that it’s not easy to be married to a one-man disappearing act. “It’s not a superpower,” he says. “It’s what’s wrong with me.”

But it’s not his fault, he explains, “I can’t keep hold of a current moment, I just slide off. And I fall back in time.”

When he reappears in another era, Henry is naked and unaware of his surroundings. Sometimes, he’s fortunate enough to visit a young Claire, but others he’s dropped off in the middle of train tracks with little time to react.

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