Save 20% off this digital highlighter that instantly digitizes printed text



Technical people understand that life is all about efficiency. Whether that’s using the most powerful and efficient laptop or finding ways to save time while running errands, the more productive you can be, the more time you have for the things you enjoy in life.

Speaking of which, if school or work requires you to take notes, you’re probably doing it inefficiently. But with the Scanmarker Air, you can overhaul the way you work with text so you can commit more information to memory with less time and effort.

This innovative scanning pen uses Smart OCR and Bluetooth technology to scan text accurately and digitize it on your device. Just slide the pen across print text and it will instantly appear on your paired computer or smartphone screen for easy storage in some of your favorite apps. For example, you can save lines of text in Word, import data to Excel, take notes to Evernote or share quotes or text with friends on Facebook — all in seconds.

The Scanmarker Air is all about efficiency, coming in a pocket-sized package that easily fits in your everyday carry so you can break it out in a second at the library or workplace. It scans 3,000 characters per minute, roughly the equivalent of a full line of text every second. The Smart OCR works on text, numbers and barcodes and can even translate more than 70 languages or read text aloud after scanning. Plus, the 100mAh battery ensures seven days of typical use, so you won’t have to worry about constantly recharging it.

Find out why the Scanmarker Air: Digital Highlighter has earned a 4-star rating on more than 3,000 Amazon reviews. It’s usually $139, but you can get it on sale today in black or blue for $110 or 20% off.

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