Get efficient and effective product management training for just $34



One of the best things about e-learning is that it can help you switch careers and begin training almost immediately. You don’t have to worry about adding a new commute to your schedule or high tuition costs, and, in many cases, you get content delivered more efficiently. That may indeed be the case if you want to learn about product management because the 2022 Premium Startup Product Management Masterclass Bundle can help, and it’s a part of the award-winning FWD app.

In 2021, FWD won the Best App of the Year Award from Google Play. The company’s highest priority is helping you learn a wide range of skills in the least amount of time. The app provides a curated offering of high-quality books, articles, videos, and podcasts on the internet, so you won’t have to spend hours hunting down training material to learn a new skill. Simply open the app, and you can learn something valuable in as little as 5 minutes.

This bundle offers 12 FWD courses across over 35 hours of content that could be valuable whether you want to start a new career or add to your existing skills. They cover much of the product management process, including the Product Manager role, choosing and designing products for specific markets, managing the customer experience, and more.

The courses also offer completion certificates that provide valid documentation of your business and technology acumen, strategy, planning skills, and more. Updates are also included to keep up with industry advancements throughout your career.

Novices can start with two general overview courses, “Guide to the Product Management Role” and “Product Management Process,” and then learn to work efficiently with Scrum and Agile classes. Next, choosing products is covered in “Don’t Build The Titanic! Building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs),” “How to Build Customer-Centric Products,” and “Finding Product Market Fit (PMF) for Early Stage Startups.”

Development processes are taught in “Design Thinking for Product Managers,” “Product Roadmapping,” and “Product Requirements Documents (PRDs) Course.” The “APIs for Product Managers & Non-Tech Folk” and “Customer Experience Management” courses are also beneficial. There’s even “Preparing for a Product Management Interview” to help you get hired.

Everyone loves a great new gadget, but product managers are crucial for businesses developing them. If you work or want to work in the field, get the 2022 Premium Startup Product Management Masterclass Bundle today while it’s on sale for only $34.

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