Switching from iPhone to Android? There’s an app for that

While the data suggests that much of the smartphone switching that’s going on is people moving from Android to iOS, Google has published an app to help those looking to go the other way.

The app, called Switch to Android, and it’s designed to streamline the process of switching.

Switch to Android app

Switch to Android app


Note: Apple also has a Move to iOS in the Google Play Store.

Switch to Android allows current iPhone users to move their photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events to a new Android smartphone wirelessly, so there’s no need for cables.

The app also guides new Android switchers through important setup steps like disabling iMessage on the old iPhone, so your messages don’t get lost by being sent to your old device.

Oddly, the page on the Android website that covers switching to Android doesn’t mention the new app, and instead offers up a method using Google Drive.

Will this help move the needle in Android’s benefit? It’s hard to tell. According to StatCounter, Android market share has been sliding since 2018, falling from 77 percent to 72 percent. During the same time, iOS market share has grown from 19 percent to around 28 percent.

Switch to Android is free and requires an iPhone running iOS 12.0 or later.

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