The Boys Trailer Is Proof Season 3 Is Going to Be a Bloody One

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Prime Video released the first full-length trailer for season three of The Boys, revealing a whole lot more about what’s to come in the new episodes.

For starters, it seems that Antony Starr‘s character is losing his mind. Homelander says in the preview that “after spending the last year really slowing down and connecting with myself,” he’s ready to introduce people to “the real me.” 

That new version is seemingly very unstable, with Erin Moriarty‘s Starlight sharing, “He’s lost his f–king mind.”

Yet his diminished mental state doesn’t seem to put off his adoring fans. If anything, they like him even more. “I mean, they f–king love me,” Homelander says as a sea of people in red, white and blue clap for him.

And it seems that Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) isn’t officially a supe, as teased in a season three poster. Instead, he’s given a dose of serum that turns him into a supe for 24 hours, helping him to level the playing field in their fight against Vought’s team of immoral superhumans.

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