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Main pro-democracy alliance boycotts negotiations between generals and political groups.

Negotiations are under way in Sudan in hopes of ending months of political turmoil.

The aim is to find consensus on the constitution, a prime minister, and prepare for elections.

However, the talks have hit a stumbling block before they even began. The main pro-democracy coalition is refusing to take part.

It says the army must stop arresting people demonstrating against the military takeover in October.

The UN has urged Sudanese people to unite and hold talks in good faith.

So what can the discussions achieve?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Mubarak Ardol – political bureau chairman, Democratic Alliance for Social Justice

Jonas Horner – researcher and former deputy director for Horn of Africa, International Crisis Group

Hajooj Kuka – member of Girifna, a non-violent resistance movement organising protests in Sudan

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