Best computer science scholarships | ZDNet

When applying for computer science scholarships, it helps to keep some key tips in mind. Most of the tips listed below are simple, powerful tools toward crafting a solid scholarship application.

1. Start early and stay ahead of deadlines

Remember to keep ahead of deadlines and manage your time carefully. The different scholarship application elements, such as writing essays, getting approval for letters of recommendation, and collecting documentation, take up time. Use time strategically. Don’t let things come down to the wire.

2. Stay organized

Keep organized. Don’t forget to use useful tools such as spreadsheets, planners, and calendars when keeping abreast of various application deadlines or things you need to include. A spreadsheet, for example, can sort information instantly and present it in a clearer format.

3. Choose which scholarships to prioritize

Prioritize scholarships based on sum amount and deadline. You want to spend all your available time up to application deadlines crafting a perfect application for the largest award possible. You can put smaller scholarships on the back burner.

4. Get feedback

Get feedback for your application, especially your personal statement/essay. A second pair of eyes can help clean up grammar, mechanics, and concision in your application whether or not writing is your strong suit. Extra feedback will always offer new tips for refining your application.

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