The 5 best smart notebooks of 2022

Features: 15.5 ounces | Medium or small sizes | Compatible with Mac, Chromebook, and Windows

This tablet and smart pen combo let you easily draw shapes, write formulas and equations, or sketch and draw. It connects via USB to your Mac or PC, and you can detail artwork on your computer screen or annotate something. This smart notebook is specifically designed for students and teachers and even comes with a free three-month trial of EdTech software like the Kami App, Clip Studio Paint Pro, ExplainEverything, Pear Deck, and others. Also, it’s included Wacom 2K Pen has 2048 pressure levels to give you that pen-to-paper feeling.


  • Certified Chromebook
  • Great for drawing and sketching
  • Durable quality 


  • You need a computer in front of you for it to work
  • Short micro-USB cable 

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