Save 33% on the InBody H20N Digital Scale

Keeping your body in shape can sometimes feel complicated — especially if you only have a “dumb” scale to check your progress. It might be time to upgrade to a smarter option to track different metrics other than weight. The InBody H20N Digital Scale offers an excellent smart scale experience to help you track progress, no matter what stage of life you’re in. And you’re in luck, because right now it’s discounted by 33% with a special code — you can get it for only $234.

This award-winning smart scale not only measures your body fat percentage, but it also tracks fat loss and calculates BMI. To accurately measure your body composition, the scale features a handle bar as another point of contact for the sensors. The handlebar and footplate both use electrodes to calculate an accurate reading. 

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The smart scale works incredibly fast, too. In as a little as ten seconds, you can get your scale results, and the data will sync to the accompanying smart app on your smartphone. With an easy-to-read interface, you can track your goals and build data on your phone for reference next time you visit your dietitian, doctor, or fitness instructor.

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Using special code ZDNET33, you can get this smart digital scale for only $234. If you add it to your cart today, you’ll save $115 on a tool that can help you live your healthiest life. Also be sure to check out our best fitness deals, including the best deals on equipment, smartwatches, and more.

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