Why Pregnant Billie Lourd Is “Freaked Out” Ahead of Baby No. 2

Billie Lourd has already found herself in paradise—no ticket necessary.
The actress, who is currently expecting her second child with husband Austen Rydell, shared her enthusiasm for her growing family at the Ticket to Paradise premiere in Los Angeles.
“I’m so excited and so freaked out,” Billie exclusively told E! News on Oct. 17. As for what the 30-year-old—who is already mom to 23-month-old son Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell—is looking forward to the most about having two kids? “Getting to see my son meet his sibling,” she shared. “I’m just so excited for that moment. I mean, he might not be that excited about it.”
But not too fast—since Billie’s son already seems more than excited for his sibling to get here. She explained, “He says, ‘Baby out, baby out!’ And I’m like, ‘Not yet. It’s too soon. It’s still cooking, give it time.'”
And when it comes to traditions she hopes to pass on, the actress—whose parents are Bryan Lourd and the late Carrie Fisher—wants to keep it familiar.

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