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Ninja Foodi Power Mixer System Blender and Hand Mixer Reviews

“I am blown away by this new product from Ninja! It replaces two old kitchen tools (immersion blender and hand mixer), and we are always looking to save space in our kitchen! This Ninja product is compact, yet very powerful. It quickly and easily transforms from an immersion blender, to a handheld mixer or whisk. It’s extremely versatile because of the different speeds and attachments, and it gets me excited to try all kinds of new recipes,” a shopper raved.

Another declared, “I love my Ninja power mixer! It is super easy to use all the attachments and cleans very easily as well! So far I have used it to make salsa, mashed potatoes and a pie and it worked like a dream on every recipe!”

A fan of the brand shared, “I have a house full of Ninja products I mean my whole kitchen is Ninja and I needed a hand held mixer so I figured why not.. well let me tell you this mixer is just as great as all my other products. I love the way you can take it apart and store it. Very powerful hand held mixer I would definitely recommend this mixer.”

A customer reviewed, “This is a surprisingly powerful tool in a compact package! I love using immersion blenders for soups but this has multiple tools that I can use for all sorts of things, even baking. I appreciate that each attachment has their own features that make them a bit special. The immersion blender attachment has a nice guard that prevents the blades from scratching anything and the mixer attachment has differently designed whisks that whip up or mix more quickly and thoroughly. I also love that it is one power base for two things – fewer things to take up space in my kitchen! Would definitely recommend!”

Another shopper said, “I can do so may different things in the kitchen with this Ninja Foodi Power Mixing System. I really love being able to have one power base with different appliances i can attach to save space. I don’t like to have a lot of bulky appliances to store so this is perfect for me. Theres a really powerful motor that i can attach to a hand held immersion blender or a hand mixer. Ive used hand mixers before but ive never seen one this powerful. Theres nothing it cant do from blending , beating, whisking to making cookie dough. Nothing slows it down and it works great!” 

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