Love Is Blind’s SK Alagbada Denies Cheating On Raven Ross

Sikiru “SK” Alagbada is telling his side of the story. 

The Love Is Blind star is speaking out after rumors that he was unfaithful to his ex-fiancée Raven Ross with influencer Hannah Beth went viral online. 

“All the allegations about me cheating are false,” SK told Life & Style Nov. 30. “At no point did we consider each other boyfriend and girlfriend. She is not my ex…the situation between Hannah and I was never formal.” 

Cheating allegations first began when a woman named Em posted a since-deleted TikTok on Nov. 15, which showed evidence of her and SK’s text messages and dates—encounters SK says happened while he and Raven were “not dating.”

“When Raven and I left the altar, I went about living my life as a single guy and she went about living her life as a single woman,” he explained. “The path leading to Raven and I together was not straightforward. It took a while for Raven and I to even consider or attempt to start dating again. People don’t realize that.”

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