You Need to See Julia Fox’s Very Relatable Apartment Tour

Next up? What Julia calls her “nostalgia mirror,” which features various photographs of her son as well as snapshots of herself with friends, including loved ones who have passed away.

“This is my little grow station,” the model continued, while zooming in on her mint and basil plants. “Nothing is growing, we don’t know what we’re doing.”

Julia then showed off a long hallway filled with toys before taking followers into her bathroom as she explained, “It’s very tiny but it does what its suppose to do.”

And when it comes to whipping up food? Next to her actual kitchen is a play one for Valentino. However, she was quick to defend the state of the room. 

“Don’t judge me,” she exclaimed. “I know it’s really messy. I also have shoe boxes in the kitchen, which is very common for New Yorkers.”

And although Julia gave a look into Valentino’s room, which was decorated with all the makings of a child’s dream—including toys, books, a train set and a loft—the No Sudden Move actress revealed he doesn’t spend a lot of time there.

“I put the most effort into this room I think,” she noted. “I really wanted him to have a cute room. However, he does not hang out in here at all. He only wants to be in mama’s room. He doesn’t even sleep in there. He sleeps in bed with me. Yeah, we’re co-sleepers. Sue me, I don’t care.”


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