RHOC’s Emily Simpson Explains Her Plastic Surgery Decision

Emily Simpson is still managing to wrangle a family of nine while looking like a ten.

After recently opting for a lower face/neck lift, the Real Housewives of Orange County star decided to share the reasons behind her decision.

“Being middle-aged, gaining 30 pounds and then losing it, menopause,” Emily wrote on Instagram Feb. 2 alongside a before and after snapshot. “WHO knows what the exact culprit is but a couple years ago I was watching myself on TV, and to my utter surprise I realized that I had completely lost my jawline.”

Giving props to her surgeon, Dr. Agha, Emily went on to label their work, “top tier.”

“He also did my breast implant removal, lift and fat transfer for my chest followed up by another surgery recently that I’ll talk more about soon!” the 47-year-old continued. “Also, just a reminder that all women are allowed to choose what they do with their bodies and how they would like to age. From completely natural to surgery… it’s up to each woman.”

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