Chad Michael Murray Has Eyebrow-Raising Thoughts On His Iconic Roles

Chad Michael Murray is dishing out hot takes.

The actor recently took to TikTok to play Kiss, Marry or Kill with three of his iconic characters—A Cinderella Story‘s Austin Ames, One Tree Hill‘s Lucas Scott and Gilmore Girls’ Tristan Dugray.

“Well, it’s a little creepy being that it’d be kissing myself or at least different versions of me,” Chad joked in a TikTok for Canadian network CTV, “but, I’m going to start with… come on, Austin Ames, you gotta kiss the guy.”

Explaining how Austin just fits the definition of a dreamy person, Chad added, “He’s the guy you want to kiss, right? It’s gotta be.”

Now, here’s where things get dicey.

“If you’re going to marry someone, Lucas Scott,” Chad continued. “Moral compass, come on. He’s my ride or die.”

As for who he would kill off? Well, there’s only one person left.

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