How Dakota Johnson Influenced Chris Martin’s Coldplay Concerts

The “Yellow” singer went on to confess that although the packs are expensive “they are amazing and the things that people do to consider other people are just wonderful.”

And along with her heartwarming contribution to Coldplay concerts, it’s safe to say Dakota, 33, is Chris’ no. 1 fan. Back in November, the Madame Web actress was seen dancing at his show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and she’s previously revealed that she tours with the band when she’s not working.

And her frequent attendance at his shows is not lost on Chris, who paid tribute to the Persuasion star during a 2021 Coldplay show in London. While introducing the song “My Universe,” Chris told the crowd, “this is about my universe, and she’s here,” as he pointed to Dakota in the stands before serenading her with the song.


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