How Late Actor Ray Stevenson Is Being Honored in His Final Film Role

Ray Stevenson‘s film legacy continues to live on.

The Thor actor, who died on May 21 at age 58, was recently honored by director Péter Soós in a touching letter, where the filmmaker spoke of wanting to pay tribute to Ray with movie 1242 Gateway to the West. The historical drama, in which Ray portrays Cardinal Cesereani, was the actor’s last movie role prior to his death.

“I have realised the overwhelming weight of the responsibility that has fallen upon me with our work together on what is surely your last feature film,” Péter wrote in a message to Deadline. “I will do my very best to honour this. I have before me an image of you on set analysing Cesareani’s character with passion. You loved playing him and we had even begun to plan a prequel film about the Cardinal.”

Péter further reflected on Ray’s ability to capture everyone’s attention—both on and off set—with his magnetic personality.

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