Rihanna, Kaley Cuoco & More Celebrate Their First Mother’s Day in 2023

The phrase first-time mom is simple but life-altering.

Those sneaky little words pack such a wallop of indescribable feelings and experiences, they really don’t do the concept—this life is now in your hands, good luck—justice.

But at least there’s an official holiday to stop and assess what it all means over mimosas. (Or just some fresh-squeezed O.J. if, like Rihanna, you’ve been pregnant on consecutive Mother’s Days.)

While we all know that no one should be confining their flowers, brunch or appreciation to the second Sunday in May—an annual event in the U.S. since 1914—having a set date on the calendar does provide a road map so that moms of all stripes can be celebrated.

Millions of people have joined the club in the past year and are marking their first Mother’s Day in 2023—and in spirit we’re giving a shout-out to all of them.

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