One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Slams “Childish” Conspiracy Theories

Louis Tomlinson is setting the record straight on the story of his life.

The former One Direction member clapped back at immature rumors about his personal life on Oct. 31 while answering questions about his tour. 

One fan asked on X (formerly known as Twitter), “Louis how do you make chicken parmesan?” which prompted the singer to reply with a bold message.

“You start by realising all these ridiculous childish theories and conspiracies are wasted time and energy,” the 31-year-old wrote back, “and then just throw the chicken in the oven to be fair. Simple stuff.” 

While some users began speculating that Louis was referring to his “Larry” fanbase (shipping conspiracy theorists that wanted Louis to date former bandmate Harry Styles), the original user made their intentions clear: “all i did was ask for advice cooking advice.”

And it wasn’t Louis’ only feisty response to a fan question on the platform. “Have you ever thought about leaving music to practice it?” one person asked, to which the “Night Changes” artist replied, “Feels like an insult but I don’t think that was your intention hahaha.”

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