Ali Wong Reveals Bill Hader’s Grand Gesture to Get Her to Date Him

Ali Wong certainly isn’t getting any hate from Bill Hader

The Beef star detailed the story of how the SNL alum ended up shooting his shot with her, sharing that he reached out to her shortly after she filed for divorce from Justin Hakuta in April 2022. 

“I get a phone call from this guy who I met at a dinner party in the past, and he got my number from a mutual friend,” Ali explained during her May 12 Netflix Is a Joke Fest show, according to Rolling Stone. “He was like, ‘Hey, I just happened to hear the news about your divorce, and I’ve had a crush on you forever. I actually told my best friend years ago that you were my dream girl, and I know it sounds crazy, but I want you to be my girlfriend.'”

Noting that she had just finished signing up for a dating app, the Always Be My Maybe actress joked, “I was like, ‘I just paid $25. You seem really nice, but I gotta get my money’s worth.'”

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