Make Your Home Smell Really, Really Good

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Sometimes all you need is to go home, light a scented candle, and take some slow, deep breaths. A candle’s fragrance can transport you to an oasis of calm. Its scent can evoke a memory, help create a new one, or give you that homey smell that signifies to your brain that the day is done, you’re inside, and it’s time to unwind.

And nothing gets the job done quite like a luxury candle.

With a luxury candle, you get what you pay for. The best luxury candle is going to offer an amazing fragrance throw, so you can smell it in practically every room in your house.

A designer candle frequently offers fine fragrance notes (or scent profiles) that commonplace candles do not. Luxury candles can even offer a longer burn time due to their wax type and wick. Unlike a cheap candle made with wax and fillers that may not burn evenly, a designer candle is less likely to tunnel.

Depending on the type of candle you buy, it may even be a clean-burning candle, meaning it features an essential oil or fragrance oil base and won’t release toxic chemicals. This type of candle is also less likely to leave a trace of soot as it burns.

Our team of home and shopping experts has rounded up the best luxury candles, including clean-burning candles, that will make your home smell really, really good.

We’ve included an editor-loved Diptyque candle, candles by Oribe, a haircare brand that now makes candles with its signature scent, fragrance house Byredo, and candles from another E! editor-favorite brand, Apotheke.

Choose from multiple scent profiles, including a bright grapefruit-scented candle, a woody scent from Byredo, an iconic black currant scent from Diptyque, and so much more.

These scented candle options aren’t just perfect for you, these candle brand options make great gifts too. 

Shop our candle picks below.

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