A comprehensive list of 2024 tech layoffs

The tech layoff wave is still going strong in 2024. Following significant workforce reductions in 2022 and 2023, this year has already seen 60,000 job cuts across 254 companies, according to independent layoffs tracker Companies like Tesla, Amazon, Google, TikTok, Snap and Microsoft have conducted sizable layoffs in the first months of 2024. Smaller-sized startups have also seen a fair amount of cuts, and in some cases, have shut down operations altogether.

By tracking these layoffs, we’re able to understand the impact on innovation across companies large and small. We’re also able to see the potential impact of businesses embracing AI and automation for jobs that had previously been considered safe. It also serves as a reminder of the human impact of layoffs and what could be at stake in regards to increased innovation.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the known layoffs in tech that have occurred in 2024, to be updated regularly. If you have a tip on a layoff, contact us here. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can contact us here.

June 2024


Is slashing around 450 jobs at its Indonesian e-commerce division, accounting for 9% of the unit. 


Has eliminated around 30% of its total workforce, CEO Graham Gaylor confirmed in a statement.


Is reportedly conducting large cuts across the company. The total number of employees impacted is currently unknown.


Has cut around 45 jobs as part of a restructuring effort.

Copia Global

Has laid off at least 1,060 employees two weeks after the startup filed for administration.


Is laying off its 1,000+ staff drivers as it embraces a gig worker model similar to that of Lyft and Uber


Has cut 30 employees a month after the Bengaluru-based startup laid off 160 people.


Has confirmed layoffs of 150 jobs as it drastically scales back its expansion ambitions to focus on its markets in Norway and Sweden.


Is laying off 100 workers, or 20% of its staff, in another round of cuts.


Is reportedly laying off 10% of its workforce, amounting to around 30 people.


Is reportedly cutting hundreds of employees working in its Azure cloud business, though the exact number of employees impacted is currently unknown.


Is laying off 100 employees months after reducing its headcount by 50 workers.


Is reportedly making large cuts globally across several of its Cloud teams, including teams focused on sustainability, consulting and partner engineering.


Is eliminating 40 employees as part of a restructuring effort, CEO David Campbell wrote in a post on LinkedIn. 

May 2024

Gro Intelligence

Is shutting down its operations after laying off 60% of its staff in March in an attempt to stay afloat.

Jasper Health

Has laid off a substantial part of its workforce, TechCrunch learned. Engineering and product design departments were most impacted by the cuts at the cancer care platform startup.


Is laying off 37 tech workers at FlightStats, the flight tracking startup it acquired in 2016, as it plans to consolidate its operations in India and the U.K.


Is cutting 15 employees in a round of layoffs, impacting 20% of the Israeli startup’s total workforce.


Has laid off hundreds of employees in a bid to keep the EV startup alive. One current and one laid off employee told TechCrunch exclusively that an estimated 150 people remain at the company.

Cue Health

Is shutting down its operations and laying off the rest of its staff. The COVID-19 test company laid off half of its workforce earlier this month to cut costs.


Has let go of 105 employees as the company seeks to “streamline” its operations, according to an email to staffers from current CEO Gary Little.

Lucid Motors

Is laying off about 400 employees, roughly 6% of its workforce, as part of a restructuring ahead of the launch of its first electric SUV later this year.


Will reportedly make large cuts to its global operations and marketing teams. The amount of employees impacted is currently unknown.


Will reportedly cut 14% of its staff, impacting 175 employees, as the company shifts its focus from original Disney+ programming back to films.


Let go of 20% of its staff as the coding startup shifts its focus to enterprise sales.


Cut about 30% of its total workforce. The recruiting startup that uses AI to find candidates was last valued at over $1.2 billion in January 2022.


Eliminated 6% of its staff in another round of layoffs as the fast-delivery startup attempts to become cash-flow positive by the end of 2024.


Plans to lay off 106 employees, according to a WARN notice filed in Texas. 


Has shut down its operations. The number of employees affected is currently unknown.


Is cutting roughly 1,000 jobs, impacting 8% of the company’s headcount, CEO Chris Hyams wrote in a letter to staff.


Cut around 40% of its workforce, impacting about 550 employees, sources told TechCrunch. The company’s chief operating officer, Abe Ghabra, has also left the company.


Will eliminate 57 positions in San Francisco, according to a WARN notice filed in California.


Is eliminating 800 employees, accounting for 13% of its workforce, as part of a restructuring effort.


Told The Verge it has laid off most of its staff and is no longer selling its smart home controllers and light switches as it looks for a buyer.


Laid off roughly 170 workers, impacting a third of its total headcount, in an effort to cut back on annual operating costs. 


Closed Arkane Austin, Tango Gameworks, and more game studios as part of cuts at Bethesda. It’s currently unclear how many employees will be impacted.

Cue Health

Is eliminating 230 employees, about 49% of its workforce, in a cost cutting measure laid out in documents filed with the U.S. SEC.


Is slashing its workforce by 20%. The cuts will affect around 140 employees, and the company is also cutting ties with “the majority” of its contract workers.


Has laid off about 3% of its workforce, impacting 116 people, the company confirmed to TechCrunch in a statement. The cuts come over a year after the company eliminated about 4% of its headcount.


Is laying off 15% of its workforce, affecting about 400 people, as part of a cost-cutting effort. The company’s CEO Barry McCarthy is also stepping down.

April 2024


Has gutted its charging team in a new round of layoffs, CEO Elon Musk announced in an overnight email to executives.


Has laid off staff across key teams like Flutter, Dart and Python. It is currently unclear how many employees were let go.


Is laying off more employees to “preserve cash,” according to an internal email viewed by TechCrunch. The number of cuts is currently unknown.


Is shutting down operations in the U.S., the U.K. and Europe, impacting at least 6,000 jobs across the closing markets.


Is cutting about 180 jobs in a profitability push and has let go its chief executive Hemant Bakshi, a source familiar with the matter told TechCrunch.

True Anomaly

The space and defense startup laid off nearly 30 people, accounting for about 25% of its workforce, due to “duplication of roles and functions across the company,” TechCrunch exclusively reported.


Is expected to cut employees in its Austin office for the second time this year.


Plans to eliminate 740 employees at its Oregon headquarters this summer, according to a WARN Act notice.

Stability AI

Is eliminating 10% of its workforce following the exit of former CEO Emad Mostaque.


Is laying off workers as part of continued cost cutting measures. The number of employees affected was at the time unknown.


Is reducing its total workforce by 1%. It’s the second round of layoffs for the EV maker this year.


Is laying off 5% of its workforce, affecting around 579 employees. The GTA 6 publisher also announced the elimination of “several projects” in development.


Is eliminating about 20% of its 59 employees in a restructuring effort.


Is cutting “more than 10%” of its global workforce, per an internal email sent by CEO Elon Musk. That could impact more than 14,000 workers worldwide, as Tesla prepares itself “for our next phase of growth” amid a challenging EV market.


Is reducing its global workforce by nearly 4%, impacting up to 140 employees.


Is laying off 250 employees based in Ireland as it restructures its Training and Quality team.

Hinge Health

Cut approximately 10% of its workforce, TechCrunch exclusively learned, as the company prepares for an IPO and aims to reach profitability.


Has laid off 382 employees, amounting to 32% of its total workforce, TechCrunch exclusively learned. The background-screening platform was last valued at $5 billion in April of 2022.


Reportedly laid off a sizable part of its staff in a restructuring effort. The number of employees impacted is currently unknown, but sources told Inc42 that it could be “in the range of 70-100” workers.


Is laying off 614 employees in California after abandoning its electric car project, according to a WARN notice.

Agility Robotics

Has laid off a “small number” of employees as part of a company-wide focus on commercialization efforts.

Ghost Autonomy

Shut down operations. The company, which was backed by OpenAI, employed about 100 people.


Is shutting down Yummly, the recipe and cooking app it acquired in 2017.


Will cut hundreds of jobs across Sales, Marketing, Global Services and its Physical Stores Technology team.


Is laying off about 500 employees, accounting for 3% of its total workforce, as part of a restructuring effort.

March 2024


Has laid off 20% of its staff after acquiring point-of-sale platform Cuboh. The company previously laid off 100 people in 2022.

Nintendo of America

Is restructuring its testing department, which is largely made up of contractors. A Nintendo spokesperson told Kotaku the changes will end some assignments but will lead to the creation of new full-time positions.


Cut its global workforce by about 6,000 jobs, according to a 10-K SEC filing. The filing reveals the company cut 13,000 jobs in the last year.


Has made cuts to its staff, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. A report in Fintech Business Weekly estimates that 17 people, or about 15% of the company, were impacted. 


Is cutting 195 roles in an effort to become more sustainable, CEO Henry Chan wrote in a blog post. The layoffs impact nearly a quarter of its staff.


Reportedly eliminated 20% of its total workforce in its second restructuring effort in the past year.

Chipper Cash

Conducted another round of layoffs impacting 20 employees, CEO Ham Serunjogi announced in a blog post. 


Has reportedly cut 16% of its staff in a strategic move to support its Textio Lift product. 


Is reportedly laying off around 25% of its workforce. According to Axios, the cuts affect roughly 80 people.

Phantom Auto

Is shutting down after failing to secure new funding, TechCrunch has learned. The remote driving startup, which had cut staff last year, employed a little more than 100 people.


Is reportedly slashing its marketing and communications staff. The company previously announced a strategy to replace upwards of 8,000 jobs with AI.

Cut just under 40% of its staff, equating to dozens of employees, the company confirmed to TechCrunch.


Laid off around 15 people earlier this year, following comments from CEO Chris Caren that the company would be able to reduce 20% of its headcount thanks to AI.


Laid off 13% of its staff based in its New York office as the web3 fantasy sports platform focuses on its Paris headquarters, a source familiar with the matter told TechCrunch.


Is eliminating roughly 7% of its workforce as part of organizational restructuring. The fintech unicorn last conducted layoffs in August 2022.


Is cutting about 13% of its workforce, affecting 40 employees. It’s the second round of layoffs for the battery startup in recent months.

Project Ronin

Is shutting down, resulting in a “permanent mass layoff” impacting around 150 employees.

February 2024


Plans to lay off 15% of its workforce and says it likely does not have enough cash on hand to survive the next 12 months.


Cut 5% of its workforce, impacting 670 employees, as it moves away from the “development of future licensed IP.”


Is letting go of about 350 employees, accounting for 30% of its workforce.


Is likely cutting hundreds of employees who worked on the company’s autonomous electric car project now that the effort has stopped, TechCrunch has learned.


Is laying off 900 employees from its PlayStation unit, affecting 8% of the division’s workforce. Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog, Guerrilla and Firesprite studios will also be impacted.


Will reportedly cut 1,500 roles in 2024, primarily in its Product & Technology division, accounting for more than 8% of the company’s workforce.


Eliminated roughly 60 employees, or 17% of its workforce. It’s the financial startup’s third major layoff round in the past 12 months.


Is laying off 10% of its salaried workforce in a bid to cut costs in an increasingly tough market for EVs.

Meati Foods

Will lay off 13% of its workforce as it works to “build a financially sustainable business,” CEO Phil Graves told TechCrunch exclusively.


Announced it will eliminate 5% of its employees, impacting more than 4,000 people.


Will lay off about 550 workers in a move designed to promote “operating expense efficiency.”


Announced in an SEC filing that it will lay off roughly 250 employees as part of a restructuring effort.


Is scaling back its investment in a number of products, TechCrunch has learned, resulting in layoffs that will affect roughly 60 employees.


Is laying off 230 employees worldwide as part of the company’s efforts to advance its focus on “the AI-enabled workplace of the future.”


Is cutting 30% of its North American workforce as part of a restructuring.


Is reportedly cutting jobs in its healthcare businesses One Medical and Amazon Pharmacy. The number of impacted roles is currently unknown.


Announced plans to eliminate 6% of its workforce, largely impacting the company’s sales and marketing divisions.


Announced plans to cut 10% of its workforce, impacting roughly 500-plus employees, in an effort to “reduce hierarchy.”

Polygon Labs

Has laid off 60 employees, or about 19% of its staff, CEO Marc Boiron announced in a blog post.


Is laying off approximately 400 employees. The layoffs come almost exactly a year to the day after Okta announced plans to cut about 300 employees.

January 2024


Will lay off 95 workers in New York City, according to a filing with the New York Department of Labor.


Is laying off about 6% of its global workforce, or 280 employees, the company confirmed to TechCrunch.


Conducted another round of layoffs earlier this month, amounting to roughly 15% of its workforce, a source familiar with the situation told TechCrunch. 


Is reportedly laying off around 1,000 people in the Cash App, foundational and Square arms of Block.


Has reportedly begun company-wide layoffs. While it is unclear how many people will be affected, one source told TechCrunch it was expected to be in the “thousands.”

Aurora Solar

Has laid off 20% of its staff of about 1,000 people, TechCrunch exclusively learned. The cuts to the software startup come despite record growth in the solar industry last year.


Is laying off 350 people, or one-third of its headcount, after Amazon’s bid to acquire the Roomba-maker shuttered. Longtime CEO Colin Angle has also stepped down.


Is reportedly laying off 700 workers, or around 1% of its staff. This comes after the company had a significant reduction of 10% of its workforce in 2023.


Is reportedly planning to cut around 20% of its staff in the next few weeks. The company announced similar cuts in October, when founder Ryan Petersen returned as CEO and slashed its workforce by 20%.


Is laying off 1,900 employees across its gaming divisions following its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Blizzard president Mike Ybarra announced he will also be stepping down.


Is cutting about 400 jobs, 7% of its workforce, as the food delivery startup seeks to bring further improvements to its finances ahead of a planned IPO later this year.


Laid off dozens of workers, according to sources familiar with the decision. The autonomous vehicle technology company has since confirmed that about 3% of its workforce has been laid off.


Will lay off 9% of the company’s workforce, affecting about 1,000 full-time employees. In a blog post, the company also plans to cut contract roles in the coming months.


Announced it intends to offer voluntary buyouts or job changes to 8,000 employees amid restructuring.


Laid off 20% of its staff, affecting 282 workers. In a blog post, Co-CEO Pedro Franceschi said that the company is prioritizing “long-term thinking and ownership over short-term gains in our comp structure.”


Eliminated around 60 jobs across the U.S. in Los Angeles, New York, and Austin in addition to layoffs in international markets. The affected roles, according to NPR’s initial reporting, are largely in sales and advertising.


Is cutting 90% of its employees as it shuts down its online used car marketplace and shifts resources into two business units: one focused on auto financing and the other on AI-powered analytics.

Riot Games

Is laying off 11% of its workforce, affecting about 530 employees, as the company focuses on “fewer, high-impact projects.” The League of Legends maker is also sunsetting its five-year-old publishing group, Riot Forge.


Is eliminating 13% of its global workforce, affecting 1,650 employees, in a restructuring effort aimed at cutting layers of management.


Will eliminate 100 employees, a spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch, as part of a restructuring effort in its creator management and operations teams.


Is laying off “hundreds” of employees in its advertising sales team, according to a leaked memo. The cuts come a week after the company did sweeping layoffs across its hardware teams. And more layoffs will come throughout the year, as CEO Sundar Pichai told the company in a memo obtained by the Verge.

Lost Boys Interactive

Reportedly laid off a “sizable” number of employees January 12. The game developer studio was acquired by Borderlands maker Gearbox in 2022.


Is going to lay off employees in 2024, TechCrunch exclusively learned, with the total impacted employees potentially reaching as high as 20% of the animation studio’s 1,300 person workforce. The cutbacks come as Disney looks to reduce the studio’s output as it struggles to achieve profitability in streaming.


Is laying off 5% of its workforce, citing an “increasingly challenging landscape,” according to a leaked memo obtained by Business Insider.


Is laying off 17% of its staff, impacting 170 people. In an internal memo obtained by the Verge, Discord CEO Jason Citron blamed the cuts on the company growing too quickly.


Laid off hundreds of employees across its Google Assistant division and the team that manages Pixel, Nest and Fitbit hardware. The company confirmed to TechCrunch that Fitbit co-founders James Park and Eric Friedman are also exiting.


Is laying off “several hundreds” of employees at Prime Video and MGM Studios, according to a memo obtained by TechCrunch. The cuts come days after the 500 layoffs at Amazon’s Twitch.


Is reportedly laying off 500 employees, 35% of its current staff, amid a continued struggle to achieve profitability in the face of rising costs and community backlash. The pending layoffs come after hundreds more employees were laid off in 2023.

Treasure Financial

Confirmed to TechCunch that layoffs, conducted in December, had impacted 14 employees, accounting for 60% to 70% of the company, according to multiple sources.


Confirmed it cut 10% of its contractor workforce at the end of 2023 as it turns to AI to streamline content production and translations previously handled by humans.

Rent the Runway

Will cut about 10% of corporate roles as it goes through a restructuring plan following Anushka Salinas’ planned resignation as operating chief and president at the end of January.


Is reducing its workforce by about 25%, or 1,800 people. The video game engine maker went through three rounds of layoffs in 2023.


Laid off two-thirds of its employees as the German startup, which built collaborative presentation software, looks to pursue a “completely different path.” CEO and co-founder Christian Reber also stepped down.


The AI and biomedical startup reportedly cut 17% of its workforce January 8, citing “shifts in the economic environment,” in a LinkedIn post announcing the layoffs. 


Eliminated 38% of its staff January 8 as the online retail logistics company follows up after conducting layoffs in September 2023.


Announced January 8 it is laying off 28% of its staff, or 154 workers, as the small modular nuclear reactor company shifts its focus to “key strategic areas.”


Is reportedly laying off 15% of its workforce focused on computer vision for retailers.


Is shutting down at the end of 2024 after a 12 year run. The design collaboration startup was once valued at nearly $2B.


Is laying off nearly 20% of its workforce as it tries to maintain its battle with Nielsen over media measurement. CEO Ross McCray stepped down from the company.

Orca Security

Is laying off roughly 15% of its staff, totaling 60 employees. The Israel-based unicorn reportedly plans to move some impacted employees into other positions at the company.


Laid off its entire 200-person workforce January 2 after attempts to raise more capital failed, TechCrunch exclusively learned. The mass layoff comes just seven months after the startup acquired rival Zencity. 

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