Forget Vision Pro: You can experience spatial video on XR glasses for just $199



I enjoyed my short time with the Apple Vision Pro and one of the standout features for me was the cool user interface and application launcher. With its new Xreal Beam Pro mobile device, Xreal provides a similar experience in a much more comfortable form factor — and you can’t beat the price!

The new Xreal Beam Pro is an Android device that looks and can function as a mobile phone. With its two 50MP 3D cameras on the back, you can use the device to capture spatial video content that you can view through the Xreal glasses or any other device capable of viewing spatial video.

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We have seen external devices before —  the Beam from Xreal and the One Neckband from Viture — that can connect to XR glasses for enhanced content on the go. The Xreal Beam Pro is a full Android 14 device, so you do not need to drain your phone’s battery to use the Xreal XR glasses. Priced at $199 and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the device runs on Android 14 and has a custom spatial UI based on NebulaOS — so when you connect the XR glasses, you get an experience similar to an Apple Vision Pro headset.


Xreal’s spatial UI is powered by NebulaOS.


The Xreal folks stopped by my office a couple of weeks ago and I was able to try out the new Xreal Beam Pro with the Xreal Air 2 Pro and Air 2 Ultra glasses. Stay tuned for more on the glasses and Beam Pro when we get the devices in for review. 

I love XR glasses for the big-screen media experience and expanded displays for productivity. However, I felt underwhelmed when I first put on the glasses and saw my phone display in portrait orientation. Xreal changes that experience with the Xreal Beam Pro as the NebulaOS spatial experience looks like the Apple Vision Pro. You can launch multiple apps, pin them in space with Body Anchor, or select Smooth Follow to keep content in front of you with the movement of your head. This feature set makes using the setup in a moving vehicle a pleasant experience.

The two 3D cameras record video at 1080p at 60 fps, so the output looks fantastic. I captured some videos with the Beam Pro and enjoyed the experience. Since the Beam Pro is an Android device, you can load up all your favorite media apps and enjoy offline or streaming content on the XR glasses wherever you are. 

There is an option to purchase a Beam Pro with a 5G radio too so you can use the device as a backup media device or phone. There is no phone app with the Beam Pro, but you could use it for Google Meet or other data-based video/audio communication methods.

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The Beam Pro will be much more user-friendly than the original Beam as the UI is familiar to smartphone users. Pricing starts at $199 for the 6GB/128GB Wi-Fi model with an 8GB/256GB model also available. Wi-Fi and 5G models will be available for both capacity models. A microSD card is also provided in all four configurations, so there is plenty of offline storage for your media.

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