Stackable Rings Are Trending – How To Build a Show-Stopping Stack

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If you ask us, you can never wear too much jewelry. 

Layering on necklaces, stacking up bracelets, and adding earrings is an easy way to instantly transform any outfit into a show-stopping look with little effort. And our shopping editors have noticed that fashionistas everywhere are embracing this must-try jewelry trend: stackable rings.

Basically, the days of minimalist dainty rings that dominated the 2023 Clean Girl aesthetic are a thing of the past. It’s time to embrace maximalism full on with an edgy and eclectic stack of rings that prove more really is more.

Don’t know where to start? Our team of shopping editors has rounded up some of our favorite stackable rings. These pieces are bold, beautiful, and come in so many styles and colors.

How to create the perfect ring stack

When creating the perfect ring stack, it’s important to consider the look you’re going for. You could place two or more rings on (almost) every finger for a totally maximalist vibe. Or you might stack several rings together on just one finger to create a statement-making piece. 

In terms of options, many rings come in sets of two or three that you can wear together or pair with pieces that are already in your collection. And while the term “stackable” implies that you’re mixing and matching rings to create a bold stack, some options are actually a single ring designed to look like you stacked a few individual rings onto one finger.

When it comes to shapes, colors, and sizes, we’ve found something for everyone. Shop gold or silver options below, plus must-see rings embellished with pearls, crystals, and colorful jewels. Whether your style is glam, edgy, or boho, you be able to build a stack that is unique to you!

Overall, this maximalist trend proves that when it comes to rings, more is more. 

Keep reading to shop our roundup of stylish stackable rings below. 

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