Upgrade your next beach trip with these 4 gadgets — trust me

If the ocean breeze isn’t cutting it and you’re needing some additional cool air on your face, this handheld mini fan is about to be your best friend. My friend who brought this to the beach last summer to cool herself off told me that she still carries the fan everywhere, thanks to its compact size and easy portability. Even better: Not only is this a fan, but it’s also a flashlight and a power bank, so you can plug a charger into it to give your phone some extra juice at the end of the day. 

The mini fan has over 50,000 ratings on Amazon, and customers compliment its sweet design and functionality. It’s great for any breeze-less and sweltering summer day, whether on the beach, at a packed outdoor concert venue, queueing up in lines at an amusement park, or braving the sweaty subway. 

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