Britney Spears Finally Addresses Controversial Diane Sawyer Interview

Britney Spears has her own naughty and nice lists.

The pop star took to Instagram on Monday, Dec. 13, to first share who is on her nice list ahead of Christmas, and Jennifer LopezBetsey Johnson and Donatella Versace made the cut. 

Britney wrote in a lengthy notes app message, “I need to thank Betsey Johnson’s beautiful soul for sending me the most adorable clothes… JLo for sending me the sexiest heels… Donatella for the bright dresses and most amazing robe with my freaking name on it… it’s my favorite.”

Britney went on to discuss what she’s been up to, sharing that she recently enjoyed some retail therapy along with other mall-goers. As she put it, “I do love shopping. though… who doesn’t?”

At the mention of shopping, the pop star pivoted to her less-nice list: journalist Diane Sawyer, specifically for questioning her spending habits in a now-infamous 2003 interview.

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