Camilla Luddington Teases “Massive” Accident on Grey’s Anatomy

Buckle up, Grey’s Anatomy fans. 

Tonight marks the season 18 winter finale, and according to longtime cast member Camilla Luddington, the episode is a doozy. 

“It’s Grey’s Anatomy, we don’t do calm midseason finales,” she said during an exclusive chat on E! News’ Daily Pop on Thursday, Dec. 16. “There is a massive, crazy accident happening that involves our main cast members.”

Thankfully, Camilla’s character Jo isn’t involved. 

“But I mean, her love life is a car wreck,” the actress joked. “So there’s an accident waiting to happen there!”

Grey’s Anatomy fans have watched Jo grow closer to Link (Chris Carmack) this season, and on last week’s episode, he confessed that he once had a crush on her.

Put simply, “it’s complicated,” Camilla admitted. 

“She’s always thought of him as her friend,” she added. “He confessed that he has feelings and I feel like it’s like a snow globe. Her whole world has been shaken a bit.”

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