Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger Are Expecting Baby No. 2

But his love for his children has never wavered, stating, “The high common denominator is just kind of this unquenchable desire to want to be close to them, be next to them, to protect them and love them. It’s the best.”

In June, Chris told Daily Pop co-host Liliana Vazquez that it wasn’t until having his second child that he realized “the uniqueness of the first child.”

“When you have one child, you just think, ‘Oh that’s what babies are like,'” he said. “And then a second child comes along, and they might do things differently from the get-go, and you say, ‘Oh wow, OK so that was actually unique what my first child had done.’ Each child is unique and special and they’re not just punched out of a mold.”

Back in April, Katherine opened up about Lyla and her growing personality, including her love of the family’s dog Maverick.

“She loves watching him and being around him and always wants to grab him and try to be around him more,” she told E! News. “So she definitely has my passion for animals already starting at a very early age, which is exciting to see as a new mom.”

She also shared her plans for celebrating her first Mother’s Day as a mom, calling it a “really special” holiday. 

“I mean, Mother’s Day every year has always been really special for me because I have such an incredible mom and being able to honor her and celebrate her every day, especially that day, is really important to me,” Katherine said. “It’s always been an exciting holiday and then, of course, having my daughter now and being able to be a mom makes it a little bit more exciting in having my first Mother’s Day.”

E! News has reached out to their reps for comment.

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