JoJo Siwa Nearly Trampled at Lakers Game With Katie Mills

This is a courtside experience JoJo Siwa will never forget.

On Dec. 21, the 18-year-old and TikToker Katie Mills scored the ultimate seats to watch the Lakers take on the Phoenix Suns at the Crypto.com Arena. While JoJo and Katie were so excited for the game, even getting to the arena 30 minutes early, the night took an unexpected turn when Suns player Jae Crowder accidentally flew into the crowd while running after a loose ball. Luckily, Jae was able to avoid hitting JoJo as he flipped over her seat and she took cover, preventing any injuries.

Afterward, JoJo laughed off the incident, even sharing footage of the moment on her Instagram Story. Joking that she was nearly “trampled” while sitting courtside, JoJo said, “That was really cool, also just saw my life flash before my eyes. If I wouldn’t have ducked…I would’ve been out, down for the count.”

Katie then chimed in, saying JoJo would’ve been a “goner” and would have needed a trip to the ER, possibly with a broken leg or shoulder. Added JoJo, “I think I would’ve had a broken neck…honestly really entertaining, really spiced up the game.”

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