Reese Witherspoon Reacts to Matthew McConaughey Having A Crush On Her

Matthew was impressed by his co-star’s response (“Nice call!”) which isn’t all too surprising when you consider his answer. “I did have a little bit of a crush on the young lady sitting to the left of me from Man in the Moon,” he said, referencing the 1991 film that Reese starred in at age 14. 

Reese’s mouth dropped open at the casual crush admission from her long-time friend. “What?” She asked, before shouting, “Somebody write this down!”

Matthew explained that she was one of his “early, early crushes” as a kid. “If you’ve seen the movie, you see [it’s] inevitable. I mean, what’s not to have a crush on?” 

His co-star appeared very flattered by his comments, calling him “sweet” before inspiration struck, adding, “Now we just have to make a movie about it!”  

As the idea bubbled between them, the two pals began to speak over one another, with Matthew stating that About the First Celebrity Crush would be a “good title” for the film and that it would star “the three of us:” Matthew, Reese, and Val.

Reese chimed in, “It’s a triangle!” 

“Oh my goodness,” Matthew said about the movie pitch. “Something’s gotta move. Something will happen when you’ve got nothing to lose.” Uh, count us in for opening weekend.

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