See Selena Gomez’s Huge New Back Tattoo

“The tattoo is a traditional pair of praying hands with a rosary. She had rehearsals for the AMAs [on Thursday] and she was exhausted so it was a little hard for her to sit but she braved through it,” Bang Bang shared with E! News at the time. “They did the tattoo at her house. She had some friends with her and they watched Christmas movies while doing the tattoo. It was just an all around good time. She didn’t talk about the meaning or why she wanted the tattoo but she has wanted the piece for for awhile and they finally made it happen.” 

She followed up with another one just beneath her ear in January 2020. The short and sweet tattoo says “rare,” a reference to her album released that year which she described as “her best album yet” while getting the tattoo. 

“She was excited,” Bang Bang said about the piece. “When I did her tattoo of the prayer hands about a month ago, we were listening to her album. And it’s nerve-wracking trying to critique your own work before the world sees it, and this time I could tell she was just really happy with it.” 

In April, Gomez revealed she had also received a small cross just below her collarbone from the artist.  

Selena’s latest ink adds to her growing list of tattoos, which range from a music note to a semicolon to the word “sunshine.” You can find out more about them all in detail here.  

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