Will Forte Spills On His MacGruber Full Frontal Nudity

It’s a Mac-lovin’ fest on the MacGruber set!

The cast of the new Peacock series, premiering tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 16, exclusively dished on the immediate chemistry while filming…especially thanks to lead star Will Forte‘s dedication to full frontal nudity. 

“[It’s] something that comes with the territory,” Forte joked during E! News’ Nightly Pop on Dec. 14. “When you’re carrying around a body like this, you’re going to be in contention for People Magazine‘s Sexiest stuff.”

Forte added, “I have a lot of hair on my body. If you watch the show, you will see.” 

Even co-stars Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe gushed over Forte’s hilarious antics on set, as Phillippe admitted he couldn’t contain himself when the Saturday Night Live veterans went off script. 

“When [Forte] or [Wiig] improvises, the stuff on the page you prepare yourself for. But the range of what might come out of their mouths, that’s a challenge [not to break character],” Phillippe explained. “There has not been a lot lately that breaks the rules the way this show does and really pushes it.” 

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