Botched Docs Tease New Season’s “Freaky, Weird” Cases

More shocking than ever.

Botched returns on E! tonight (Jan. 25) and our favorite plastic surgeons Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif promise cases like you’ve never seen before.

“This season is unique because it’s not just about fixing plastic surgery from people who had plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, but it’s fixing plastic surgery for people who had it for trauma and cancer and congenital deformity,” Terry told E! News exclusively.

Paul calls this season “transformational, freaky, weird and just kind of shocking,” adding, “What’s unusual about this season is we’re seeing things we’ve never seen before.” 

Terry continued, “For example, this one woman goes in to have this little spot removed by a dermatologist and unbeknownst the dermatologist, just a little area under the nose, he thinks he finds it’s a little bit of a skin cancer. So he keeps moving more and more and more and by the end of the few hours she had nothing underneath her nose. Her entire upper lip gone. I mean out of there. Could you imagine, and they held the mirror up to her and there’s nothing?”

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