Can the Botched Docs Make This Patient Feel Like Herself Again?

Patia is putting her trust in the Botched doctors.

The new patient is receiving a consult in this sneak peek of tomorrow’s all-new episode, with Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif attempting to figure out what went wrong with her upper lip. 

After getting a closer look, Dr. Nassif realizes that the surgeon who performed Patia’s initial operation “pulled” her lip over to one side, ultimately making her mouth opening shorter.

To fix this mistake, he’ll need to perform what’s known as a “commissuroplasty.”

“A commissuroplasty is changing the corner of the mouth,” Dr. Nassif explains. “In Patia’s case, what we need to do is take this short commissure, cut it and just extend it to equal the length of the other side. We have to move tissue, move mucosa and move muscle to make that happen.”

Suffice to say, the procedure won’t be an easy one. It will, however, “make the upper lip look more natural and normal.”

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