Get lifetime email management and protection with a $50 Mail Backup X plan



Most people recognize the importance of backing up their valuable computer files, but the devastation can be just as great if you irrevocably lose a critical email. Fortunately, Mail Backup X can not only prevent that but also make it a whole lot easier to wrangle your emails in general. It’s a comprehensive solution for backup, archiving, and converting your emails.

Mail Backup X’s Individual Edition works with all of the leading email platforms, including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and more. You can save up to triple the amount of space you’re currently using by highly compressing your archives, but they can still be searched quickly, allowing you to view emails when you need to.

You can have mirror backup for all of your messages using either a USB drive or a cloud platform like Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox. Plus, it’s really easy to restore your messages if you should ever need to, either directly to your server account or to a completely different one.

Security isn’t an issue either — Mail Backup X offers 100% privacy using AES 256-bit encryption and your own key, so all of your messages are visible to you alone. Premium customer support is included, as well.

Over 42,000 users can’t be wrong, and Mail Backup X subscribers absolutely love their service. It’s earned a perfect 5 out of 5 stars rating on CNET and an impressive App Sumo rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to step up your email game, get Mail Backup X Individual Edition today while it’s 72% off the regular $179 MSRP and you just have to pay $49.99.

Prices subject to change.

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