How a Sex Hotline Number Accidentally Ended Up in Don’t Look Up

Don’t look up this number while you’re at work!

Audiences can’t seem to stop talking about the film Don’t Look Up, and there is one detail in the disaster dramedy that is sparking a whole different kind of conversation.

Curious viewers who tried calling the fictional FEMA 1-800 number that appears on-screen were shocked to find that the exchange actually connects to a sex hotline.

Despite it feeling perfectly appropriate for the satire, director Adam McKay insists the X-rated connection “was a pure accident.”

“We were going to set up a line for that. But we didn’t think of doing it until the end and we didn’t have enough time to get our own phone number so that’s just a random phone number,” McKay explained in an interview to Insider. “We in no way planned it being a sex hotline.”

“Unless someone at Netflix or our graphics house picked it and I didn’t know about it, I have no idea,” he added. “In fact, no way. They wouldn’t have done that on purpose.”

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