Lily Collins Reacts to Defaced Emily in Paris Billboard


Emily Cooper would not be pleased with this defaced billboard of her hit show Emily in Paris. As for actress Lily Collins, who actually portrays the character in the Netflix series, she couldn’t help but poke fun at graffiti covering her poster.

As shown in her Jan. 2 Instagram post, Lily was walking around New York City with her husband, director Charlie McDowell, when they bumped into the Emily in Paris billboard, which now has pink paint covering Lily’s face. “I can’t say I love the new look, Em,” she wrote. “But A for effort…”

Alongside her message, Lily posted a video of Charlie hilariously running away in fright after seeing the new version of the billboard. On the second slide, the 32-year-old actress posed for a photo with the defaced billboard while making a shocked expression. 

In the comments section, Lily’s loved ones praised her for making light of the situation. “She’s a class act everyone,” actress Ashley Park, who stars alongside Lily in Emily in Paris, wrote. While Mary Steenburgen, Lily’s mother-in-law, laughed along with the couple, writing, “Hahaha.”

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