Nina Dobrev Gushes Over Boyfriend Shaun White Ahead of Winter Olympics

“I think he was more surprised,” Nina recalled. “He was expecting to wait for me and it was quite the opposite. I had already passed him by a landslide. Now I can keep up!”

That’s not to say Nina doesn’t have her clumsy moments. In fact, as her BFF Julianne Hough revealed on Daily Pop, “Nina is like the biggest accident-prone human on the planet.”

Anytime we’re anywhere, we’re adventurous, so we’ll be snowboarding or sky diving or scuba diving, whatever it is, and somehow we’ll be doing the same thing, but Nina will find the most random thing to get hurt by,” Julianne continued. “I don’t know how falls in a certain way to sprain an ankle, but she does. It’s just Nina!”

Added Nina herself, “The alcohol doesn’t help as well.”

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