Single Drunk Female Stars on the Show’s Alcoholism Portrayal

There’s no one way to portray alcoholism.

Freeform’s new comedy Single Drunk Female takes a closer look at the recovery process. Starring Sofia Black-D’Elia as 20-something alcoholic Samantha, the series explores what happens when you publicly hit rock bottom and are forced to move home.

Through Alcoholics Anonymous, Samantha is tasked with looking at her life and her loved ones, including widowed mom Carol (Ally Sheedy), in a new light. And, as Black-D’Elia explained to E! News in an exclusive interview, this recovery story is unlike any we’ve seen before.

“I think that we don’t often see stories of recovery told from a younger female perspective,” she shared. “And I think that it can affect anybody at any age at any time. And, you know, this is very specific to Simone [Finch], our creator’s real life, and this is the age she was when she got sober.”

Though this is “a really specific story,” per Black-D’Elia, Single Drunk Female is not just about getting sober.

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